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Related article: Date: Sun, 21 Oct 2001 23:48:51 EDT
Subject: Fatcat plus 4 This is a disclaimer about this story. If you don't like to read
stories about adult man on man sex then you should leave. This story is dedicated to Fatcat I thank it might be his fantasy If you have comments about this story please send to Fatcat plus 4 Hi! My real name is not important, but my friends just call me
Fatcat. lol nude kiddy porn Mostly in reference to my body size. I stand a full six feet two
inches and weigh 260 pounds and carry it fairly well for being forty seven
years old. Have brown hair with blue eyes and sport a large mustache. I
am a very menacing looking person but actually am very soft at heart. The
story I am about to tell you happened about a week ago.
I was in the piney foothills of the local mountains just wandering
around looking at the beauty of the forest. I cutie little lolas ilegal occasionally wander off and
think about things happening around me. This particular day I had wandered
up the hillside behind a local tough cutie little lolas ilegal man's bar. I wasn't really paying
attention to the men who were coming up the hill side toward me until they
were actually on top of me.
"Hey, what you doing wandering around up here?" One of them
shouted. "You some kind of trouble maker looking for something?" "I know
who this land belongs to and you don't have permission to be up here." He
said as he then took the last drink of beer from his bottle and threw lol nude kiddy porn it to
the ground.
"Just wandering around, not looking for anything." I said as I
took notice of the four gentlemen.
The one that spoke to me was probably five feet nine inches and was
carrying almost three hundred pounds, most of if was in his beer gut that
hung over his belt. He had a short hair cut and his pants looked as though
if he moved just a little they would fall off. Two of the men were dressed
almost alike they wore plaid shirts with suspenders. Both were over two
hundred pounds but no where near as flabby as the other gentleman. The
fourth man was a sight he was probably four inches taller than myself and
close to three hundred pounds. He didn't appear to be overweight he wore
heavy boots with his blue jeans rolled up and pulled over the top of the
boots. He had on a plaid long sleeve shirt with suspenders, which he
probably didn't need. His jeans were definitely stretched to there limit.
As I was looking over the men I noticed that they all probably had
a few too many to drink. As they got closer I could tell that I was in a
little trouble, just didn't know what kind. When they got within a few
feet of me the man that had spoken said, "Damn, I got to take a pee." as
he proceeded to pull his dick out and start peeing right next to my feet.
I moved so he wouldn't pee on me and that was all the other three were
waiting on. They grabbed me by both arms and one of them said, "He's
trying to leave, Bob."
"No, nymphet lolita nonude models he wasn't leaving he was just trying to get a better look at
my dick." Bob, who was the first man that had spoken said. "Now lets give
him an even closer look." He said as he moved towards me. The other two
forced me down to my knees and one of them pulled my head back by grabbing
my hair. Bob moved in and pushed his still soft cock in my mouth. He
looked at me and said, "If you bite it we'll cut yours off, now you boys
can let go of him because I'm sure he will behave."
I closed my mouth around his dick and could taste the salt from the
piss that was still leaking out of it. "Suck it." He yelled at me. I
started sucking but was trying to act like I wasn't enjoying what I was
doing, even though if I had known these men I would have probably
volunteered to suck them.
Bob's dick was now at full mast and was half way down my throat. I
was sucking and moving my head back and forth on his dick as he started
thrusting his cock faster and faster. I was having trouble sucking his
cock because his stomach kept pushing against me. All at once he grabbed
my head and forced his dick as far in as he could and then grunted as he
shot his cum down my throat. He pulled his cock out and said, "Whose
Another of the men stepped up and I had another dick pushed in my
mouth. I wasn't sure which one it was but his dick was about the same as
the first one. He immediately grabbed my head and was shooting his load
down my throat, this time I swallowed all his cum down and was catching my
breath as the third man forced his dick in my mouth.
This man was considerable larger than the first two. He was so
long that I gagged the first time he pushed it in. I pulled my mouth back
and then swallowed when he pushed it in again, it slid right in and I was
able to keep from gagging. The dick was so thick that I could feel the
pain in my jaws from being stretched so far. He started a little slower
than the others because I think he knew he could really hurt me if he
didn't. He lasted a little longer than the first two but when he did cum I
thought I was going to drown from all the cum. There was so much that the
last burst went into my mustache because I had pulled his dick out to try
and catch my breath.
"Now we going to see if he can take on John's weapon here." Bob
said. This caused me to look up and see the largest dick I had ever seen.
It had to be over twelve inches long, but the length was not what was
shocking. You have heard of beer can size cocks, well this was more like a
quart jar than a beer can. I looked at it and knew that I was in real
trouble. He moved in close to me and said, "Just lick it first," John
said. "Don't want to hurt you." He continued.
I licked around the head of the cock but was really worried if he
tried to push that monster down my throat. He grabbed the back of my head
and started rubbing the head against my lips.
"Let's see what you can do." he said as he slowly pushed against
my lips. The head popped in but I couldn't move my tongue or even swallow.
He said, "Reach up here and jerk on it." I did as he said and grabbed his
shaft with both hands and started pulling up and down on his dick. He
started moaning and pumping his hips into me. The head would go in no
further and he wasn't really trying to force it in. He moaned and reached
down and started pumping his own dick, when he started cumming he aimed the
head of his dick right at my mouth. The first squirt hit me on my nose and
slid down into my mustache. I was able to catch most of the other as it
blasted in my mouth.
As soon as his dick stopped shooting the other men grabbed me and
started pulling my clothes off. I was so tired I didn't even try to put up
any resistance. They had me naked in seconds and were grabbing the cheeks
of my ass and squeezing. One of them started pushing a finger up my ass
and told me to bend over. I complied because I knew that it would help
relieve the pain I had from the dry finger being forced up my asshole. He
reached around and ran his finger through my mustache and covered his
finger with as much cum as he could, and then pushed it back up my ass. He
proceeded to push two and then three fingers in and pump them frantically.
The pain had subsided and I was able to take the fingers with no problems.
"He's ready." Someone said as I was pushed down on the sharp pine
needles and told to stay on my hands and knees. I felt the first one as nude teen art lolita
lined up behind my asshole and with all his might rammed his dick in. I
screamed out in pain and Bob said, "Stick something in his mouth to keep
him quiet." John walked over and stuck his semi-hard cock in my mouth. I
could still taste the cum that was on his dick. The man riding my asshole
had picked up the pace top 100 de lolitas and was driving with such force that my head was
being banged against Johns groin. He thrust a few more times then grunted
as I felt his hot cum filling the channel of my asshole.
No sooner had he pulled out that the next one was pushing his dick
in my ass. The second man's dick didn't cause any pain and I actually was
getting some pleasure from it. John noticed top 100 de lolitas this and made a comment to the
others about it. The second man was blowing his wad as Bob moved up behind
him. Bob was in before I even knew it, I guess with all the cum inside my
asshole there wasn't any resistance to Bob's entry. Bob was pumping away
and I could hear the slapping sound made from all the cum running down my
ass as his thighs and stomach hit against my ass. Bob was so worked up
that he lasted only a couple of thrust.
Bob leaned over my back and said, "Now time for the real show." I
didn't know what he was talking about and wasn't sure I wanted to know.
The three men grabbed me and tuned me over on my back. They then pulled my
legs apart and then over toward my head. This opened my asshole as far as
it naturally could, then nude teen art lolita John climbed down between my legs.
"Just relax." John said, "You might even like it before I'm
through" He lined the head of his dick up and pushed forward. The head
popped in and I screamed from the pain that ran through my asshole and up
my spine. John looked down and said, "Your alright now relax." I tried to
relax but the pain was not leaving, he then pushed forward and a few more
inches slid in, the pain was still there, but it wasn't any worse. He
would push in then stop, push in then stop. He did this for several
minutes until finally I heard Bob say, "Damn nude teen art lolita he got all of it in."
John started slowly pushing and pulling his dick in and out and the
pain was beginning to leave. He finally got my asshole stretched enough
and slippery enough that he could pick up the pace. He was pounding away
when one of the other men said, "Look his dick is hard as a rock."
John glanced down then leaned over and said in a whisper, "Told you
, now enjoy the ride." With that said he stated pumping in short strokes
and my dick and asshole little child lolitas cumshot started pulsing. I was shooting cum all over my
stomach and some even landed on my face. John seeing this reached down and
ran his tongue along my lips and licked up all the cum he could reach. He
then pushed is tongue in my mouth and I could taste the cum from his
He pulled his mouth away and I saw that look a man gets just before
he shoots his wad. He made about three quick thrust and we were both
blasting away. He laid down on top of me and the other men released my
legs. I wrapped my legs around his lower back and butt, as he just laid on
top of me.
"Gee John, you really fucked that guy, he doesn't even want you to
get up."
John opened his eyes and looked down at me, he leaned over and gave
me another kiss and said, "If you want to see me without these gentlemen,
just ask at the post office and they can tell you where I live." "Now got
to go, sorry can't help up clean up, got an image to protect."
John pulled out of me and placed his dick back in his pants and
followed the other three down the hill. I laid there for about ten minutes
before I pulled myself up and found my clothes and walked back down the
hill. As I went around the building I ran into a boy on a bike and asked,
"Where is the Post Office, son?"
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